How to Prepare your First Tender Response

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If you want to respond to a request for tenders, but don’t know how or where to even begin, then this free course is for you.

Designed for the complete novice, we walk you through the entire process, from receipt of the documents to submission. Follow each lesson in order, to ensure you have the best chance of submitting something reasonable within the required timeframe.

What does a good tender look like?

We show you:

  • how to decide whether it’s worth the effort
  • how to how to review the RFT document and what to look for
  • prepare a response template that won’t fall over but looks good
  • what the evaluation criteria are actually looking for
  • what to look for when you are reviewing it
  • things to watch out for when you are preparing and submitting the document.

If you are deciding to give your first tender a go for yourself, or, if you are still lost even though you have given it a go a few times, then this FREE course will set you straight. It is packed with tips you won’t find anywhere else, and really, shouldn’t be free at all. In fact, I have had several experts tell me I should be charging for this course. But I want to keep it free while I test it to make sure it “hits the mark”.

Get in while it’s still free. And please, leave me some feedback whether you liked or hated it, so I can make it better.

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