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How to Write Tenders and Proposals that Win

This e-book describes, in detail, how to put together a winning bid, from strategy to submission.

How to Write a Simple Proposal

If you have no idea what to do to write a compelling proposal as part of a sales process, then this free e-book is for you.


Try our free calculators to assess whether you should bid, how much budget you should reserve, and what you should focus on.

Checklists and Toolkit

Check out our templates and other cool tools to help you with your next bid. Save time and improve your knowledge here.

Ask a Question

Feel free to ask us any question relating to the tendering process, your tender or sales/proposals writing. We will build up a library of questions you can browse over time.

Upcoming Events

We regularly program webinars and training sessions. We don’t have anything in the wings right now. If you would like us to schedule a session please let us know.

Free Online Course: How to Prepare your first Winning Tender Response

Take the 2 hour course anytime

This free introductory course is designed for the complete newby to show them how to respond to your first tender.

It should take you just under two hours to complete the videos, and we have included templates and course notes to help. Please give us feedback so we can continue to improve this course.


Business Tips, Sue Findlay

Business Tips, Sue Findlay

Do you want to be successful with your business? There's no secret ingredient or magic gene that means only certain people can be successful with their business. As a successful businesswoman, Sue Findlay believes that there are some key qualities that she discovered...

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Announcing…Free Tender Writing Course

Announcing…Free Tender Writing Course

Help. I don't know how to write a tender! I regularly receive inquiries from businesses owners who want to begin submitting tenders. Let's take a client of ours as an example, we'll call him Jake, who had been asked by a large mining company to submit a tender. Jake...

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Winning Tenders isn’t About Price

Winning Tenders isn’t About Price

There is a tightly held belief that if a company doesn’t win a tender, then it must have been because a cheaper bid won. The company’s price was too expensive. Most of the time, this is simply an excuse.

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Online Courses

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How to Prepare your First Tender Response

How to Prepare your First Tender Response

If you want to respond to a request for tenders, but don't know how or where to even begin, then this free course is for you. Designed for the complete novice, we walk you through the entire process, from receipt of the documents to submission. Follow each lesson in...

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